Integrating with ClassPass

ClassPass operates for studio owners by providing them access to a vast network of users seeking fitness classes, enabling owners to fill unused class spots and increase their customer base by listing their classes on the ClassPass platform, where users can discover and book them using a subscription-based model.

To enable ClassPass on Union, you'll first want to signup with ClassPass and become a partner. Once you've been approved, you can enable ClassPass in Union to start publishing your schedule.

Go to Settings -> ClassPass

Click Setup:

Choose which of your Locations you'd like to be available via ClassPass:

You'll now get some information at the bottom of your configuration that you should provide with your contact at ClassPass to complete the integration. You can copy to your clipboard or open up an email with the information pre-filled:

Now, configure which Events you'd like to be available on ClassPass. Go to Products -> Events, edit one you'd like to make available, and ensure the ClassPass Event Category is selected:

Once ClassPass is enabled, a new event category called ClassPass will automatically be available for you to use.

You will need to do this for all Events you'd like to make available on ClassPass.

Please note that any changes, including enabling or changing Classes can take up to 48 hours to be available on ClassPass.

ClassPass students will show up with on the Check-In page with ClassPass as the pass used:

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