Payment Plan Report

Quick Reference Guide

  1. From your admin dashboard, click Reports > Sales > Payment Plan
  2. Each customer who has a payment plan (contract) will be listed.

Details of the report include

  • Customer name
  • Plan name
  • Frequency of payments (i.e. monthly)
  • Status of the customers plan (i.e. active, paused, cancelled, completed)
  • When the next payment is
  • Each payment amount
  • How many payments they have made
  • Total amount they owe
  • Total amount paid
  • Remaining owed

A Closer Look

To access your payment plan reports, you can visit Reports > Sales > Payment Plans

Once you're viewing the report, you will have the ability to see all customers who has a payment plan (contract) on their account. Union provides rich details so you can quickly see details about each customer's plan.

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