Importing Data to Union

Union can import your crucial business data from:

Provider Customers Card on File Subscriptions Passes & Packs
Mindbody Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stripe Yes Yes Yes* Yes*
Kajabi Yes No Yes Yes
Adobe Business Catalyst Yes No Yes Yes
Interval Yes No Yes Yes
Teachable Yes No No No
Wellness Living Yes Yes Yes Yes
Woocommerce Yes No No No
Arketa Yes No Yes Yes

* if your current system uses Stripe Subscriptions

If you don't see your provider listed, we can typically perform an import from other systems. The data we'll be looking for:

  • Customer Export (including name, email, phone)
  • Card on File (typically coordinating with your current payment processor)
  • Subscription Information (a file showing which customer has which subscription, subscription name, at what price point, and the interval and recurrence of its billing)
  • Pass and Pack Information (which customers own which passes or packs, pass names, at what price point, when they expire, and how many uses remain)
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