Your Union Conversion Worksheet

As apart of your migration to Union, we create a conversion worksheet for you. The sheet contains details about the data Union received from your previous provider (i.e. subscriber data export). This sheet is broken into three tabs; Clients | Passes | Subscriptions. We will need your help by mapping out what passes and subscriptions your customers should hold when their accounts have been converted in Union.  


We pull out your current members (typically 12 months) and we show the status of your customer for importing into Union. 

Overall The overall status for the customer
Client Do they have a Union account? 
Card Do they have a card on file? 
Passes Do they have any valid passes?
Subscriptions Do they have any valid subscriptions?

Currently, everything is marked as "No". When Union runs your conversion, we will be updating this sheet and you'll begin to see the status change for each customer on your invitation date (or the night before) . You may notice different values show up, this key will be helpful:

The most common thing we see is someone's card didn't come through (i.e they're declined when we import them). On average, Union see's about 10% of credit cards that cannot carry over. However, know that they'll still come over into Union! If they have a subscription, they'll still have the subscription in their Union account, they'll just get an email notifying them to add a new credit card on their next billing date. 


What we also do, is take a look at all of your passes. Passes are typically your class packs and drop-ins. We sort this view typically by how many folks have them. The data we provide is a list of all active passes (a customer has the pass type). This process is just to confirm what passes we're bringing over to Union. 

What we need you to do is in the column called, union_pass_type, please copy and paste the name of your pass . If you just want to type your pass name out, that is okay too, but please put the exact pass name of the pass into the sheet. You will need to do this for each line item listed. 

Sometimes, for people when they see this sheet, they notice an old pass listed that has active members. In this case, just type "Delete" in the line and Union will not bring those passes into Union. 

When your customers passes are imported, they will have the appropriate amount of registrations remaining on their new pass in Union as they did with your previous provider. For instance, let's say you have a 5 class pack on your previous provider but are discontinuing the pass when you move to Union. No sweat. You can either create a new pass (that has an access code) called  Legacy 5 Class Pack at $0. Add Legacy 5 Class Pack to the column! 

Maybe you have a 10 Class Pack in Union! You could simply tell us to add the 10 Class Pack and our importer will automatically adjust the registrations for each customer. 


We also then take a look at all of your subscriptions, all of your auto-renewing payment types. Similar to your passes tab, you will need to map out each subscription to it's new subscription name in Union. Simply copy and paste the subscription name from Union to the Conversion Sheet. Any subscriptions that are being retired or you're not bringing over, you can mark as deleted. 

Once you have completed this, please notify your onboarding manager in your Asana project so they can connect with you on any additional questions or concerns. 

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