How To Setup WisePOS Card Readers

Taking payments in-person with the BBPOS WisePOS E in Union is as easy and modern as the software itself. You can swipe cards as you do today, let users enter in their PIN when using a debit card, and use newer payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

To get started, contact us to order the readers you need. The cost for a WisePOS card reader is $257 + shipping. We find that most studios do just fine with one, but if you have multiple entrances or have multiple customers paying at the same time reach out and we'll your orders shipped to you. Once your order is placed, it typically takes 2-3 business days to receive your readers.

Now, let's set them up for use in Union.

First, remove the items from the box and packaging. You should have three things: the reader itself, the battery, and the power cable.

Remove the cover on the back to install the battery.

Now, connect your power cable and turn on the device.

To open the settings menu, swipe right from the left edge of the reader screen to reveal a settings button. Tap the settings button and enter the admin PIN 07139

From here you can update your WiFi settings or generate a pairing code for device registration. 

Setup your wifi network first.

Once your wifi is configured and working, to generate a pairing code, go back to the admin menu by swiping right, then tapping the settings button and entering the admin PIN 07139


Time to fire up your computer or phone and login to Union. Go to Events -> Locations, and Edit the Location this Terminal will be located at:

Go to the bottom of the page and click 'Add Card Reader':

Give your Reader a name that makes sense to you, like 'Front Desk' or 'Studio B', and type in the code that's on the Reader under Registration Code:

Now, go to the Register. Select the Location and Reader that you're using:

When running a transaction, you will see the reader icon flash from green to grey. When the reader is a solid green, you're connected to your reader! Click Checkout and your Stripe Card Reader should prompt the customer to complete their transaction (swipe/tap/insert chip).

If you'd like you can read more in-depth troubleshooting docs, or if you have any questions please contact Union Support.

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