Teaching at multiple businesses with the same Union account

Whether you are a business owner, manager, teacher, customer, or a combination of these, you will never need multiple Union accounts.

Let's say you teach yoga classes each week at Ready Warrior One, where you have a Union account. But now, you've been asked to lead the inaugural yoga teacher training at Globo Gym, which also uses Union to manage their teachers and schedules.

Globo Gym will send you an email invitation to join their Union organization. When you receive that invitation, click the link and you'll arrive at a sign-in screen.

Enter the same username and password you use for Ready Warrior One, and you're all set. From this point forward, when you are logged into Union, you will see a little selector in the top-left corner of each screen that displays the organization you're currently interacting with. You can use this selector to quickly change to any other Union organization where you have accepted an invitation.

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