Build a segment based on previous email interactions with

In your marketing strategy, you might choose to continue to market to users who have or haven’t taken action on a past email. Say you’re marketing a large ticket training and send an email to your entire list. Instead of sending another email to everyone you can choose to send an email to those who opened the last email but didn’t click.

If you want to save this segment you’ll want to build it in the segments section of However, since this is most likely a 1-time use segment you can choose to build directly in the broadcast that you’re creating. To do this, start a new broadcast and choose segment then select Add message Condition.

Here we’ll decide what previous email we want to pull from. This will show all emails both broadcasts and campaigns.

Once you scroll through and choose the email you want to base this segment on, you’ll need to decide what action they did or didn’t choose. For example, you could say “Has been opened” or “Has not been clicked”. In the case of our original example we want it to be opened but not clicked. So we’ll make this “Has been opened” and then click the checkmark to save.

Then we’ll repeat these steps to create a second message condition. So choose Add message condition again. This time select the same email and choose Has not been clicked.

Click the checkmark and you’re ready to start building your email.

Building Email Based Segments In The Segments Section of

This same type of segment can be built in the Segments section of too. Head over to Segments and create a new segment. Name this email and click Create data-drive segment.

From here you’ll choose to Add condition or group and select Email.

Just like we did inside the Broadcast you’ll select the exact email you’re building this segment around and what action you’re focusing on.

Now click on Add condition or group and select Email again. This time you’ll choose the same email but choose Has not been clicked to focus on those who opened but didn’t click.

You could refine this even more by selecting the exact URL you wanted them to click on in your email. This makes sure that they clicked on your call to action button and not just your social links.

Save your changes and now you have a segment built based on email interactions.

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