Union's Retail Products and/or Shopify

Union is here to support and accommodate health and wellness businesses of all sizes and with unique needs. When it comes to selling merchandise and bolstering your retail operation, Union's software can support simple retail purchases or clients can choose to use an external advanced option.

SIMPLE (Union Retail)

Union has your business covered for basic retail transactions such as mat and towel rentals and waters. Learn how to Setup your Retail in Union. Retail Products can only be sold from the Union Register, can have location specific taxes associated, and do not incur a Union fee.

ADVANCED (outside Union with ability to import external customer list)

For those businesses with a more robust retail offering whether full e-commerce or in studio POS with inventory management of more than 30 skus, drop shipping needs, etc. Our clients typically choose Shopify. You can upload Shopify member exports to your Union Customer.io integration through People -> Upload Marketing List.

In Summary

Union can support basic in-studio retail transactions with less than 30 skus and for more robust skus we recommend choosing Shopify which can support not just e-commerce but ALL commerce and track your reporting, analytics, and inventory management.

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