Unpaid Orders/Pay Later

This feature in currently in beta and may not be available for your organization

Sometimes, rather than collecting payment from a customer in advance, you'd like to book them for a service and collect payment after the service is provided, commonly for things like appointment-based services.

In the register, you now have the ability to choose 'Pay Later':

A few rules about Pay Later:

  • It only works in the register, customers cannot choose to pay later when checking themselves out
  • It only works for non-free orders, so make sure to select the type of service (drop-in, pack, etc)
  • Unpaid orders will not show up in the totals on your dashboard or in your orders report
  • There is a new Unpaid Orders report in Reports -> Sales -> Unpaid Orders
  • Customers will receive an email both when the initial order is placed and after it is paid
  • Only the unpaid order can be used to to Collect Payment. You cannot add or change the unpaid pass. Please visit Union's process on how to upgrade a pass.

When you view an Unpaid order, you'll have the option of collecting payment:

You'll then be taken back to the Register to complete payment:

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