Create An Email Opt-In

If you're utilizing in the Union workspace, you may be asking how you can collect emails for clients who just want to stay in the know with your studio! Currently, this is not available in the software. They have stated that this is something they're going to be working on.

If you are looking to get some thing added today, here's the path our other clients are using.

Option 1

View this video tutorial that talks about how you could offer a free pass. This would create a Union account for them and automatically create a profile.

Option 2

  1. Create an event category that is called Marketing List or Newsletter Signup Page
  2. Create a $0 pass called something like Stay in the Know or Let's Keep In Touch (add an access code)
  3. Create a landing page that's based off your new pass (example below)
  4. Add the link to your landing page to your website.

When they click to join:

Completion Page:

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