Change your Favicon for your Branded Site

Visit your branded site in Union; Marketing > Branded Site

Click on CSS or Templates to make your edits

Scroll to the bottom of the templates menu (left side) and click on Upload Assets

Drag and drop your image or click Choose File to search for your image. Once added, click Create

Once uploaded, you should see your file in the Assets folder on the left side panel. Click on your asset name.

Below your image, you will see the Liquid Tag, click the copy icon. 

On the left, you'll want to click on Head (under Search Results)

Add a new line and paste the Liquid Tag you just copied

Next, you'll want to copy the content from each single quote. You will then replace all three lines that contain  org.logo with your asset partial you just copied. *NOTE: be sure to include the quotes. For example,'280951/atelier (1).png'

Delete the line that contains the complete liquid tag and Save

When your branded site is published, you should see your updated log

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