Converting Cards on File from Wellness Living

If you are converting your credit card data from Wellness Living to Union and you are wanting cards on file to be converted as well,  you are most likely using either Paragon (Blue Parasol) or Stripe. Please determine where your cards are being held and proceed with the appropriate process.  

Cards on File for Paragon / Blue Parasol

Please contact to request exporting your client's payment data from your Paragon merchant processing account. In your email, please confirm that they will provide you with the Wellness Living identifies as apart of your export.

Once you contact Wellness Living, they will require the following documents to be completed:

  • Transfer of Cardholder Data Agreement
  • Paragon Purchase Agreement with mandatory highlighted fields
  • A copy of your new processor’s (Stripe) Attestation of Compliance (AOC): This will be provided to you by Union and located to download in your Asana Onboarding project.
  •  $500 for the payment card data export (charged directly by Paragon). Amount is what Union has mostly seen, however, this is subject to change per Wellness Living and Paragon. 

Union will begin the migration request. Your onboarding specialist will provide you with a Migration ID that you will send to the Paragon folks.

Once you have gotten confirmation from Paragon/Blue Parasol that your card data has been transferred, reach out to your onboarding specialist at Union. 

After your card transfer is complete, Wellness Living should issue you a report that explains how the transferred cards relate to your wellness living customers. Please forward the report to your Union onboarding specialist. 

Cards on File for Stripe

You and your Union onboarding specialist will need to complete the migration request from Stripe directly. This can only be done from the Stripe owner account. Once your onboarding specialist has verified they have completed the initiation, you will follow the process below during an onboarding call.

  1. Stripe Owner Stripe account and navigates to the Customers page.
  2. They click Copy customers.
  3. In the Copy Method field, they click Copy all customers.
  4. Your onboarding specialist will be able to provide you with the correct account ID and you will click Continue.
  5. Union will accept the copy.
  6. Stripe will provide a migration ID. The migration can take up to 72 business days to complete.
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