Custom Questions

You can add custom questions for your customers when they register. Please be sure to visit our video tutorial to see this in action and what your customer may experience. 

  • Once filled out, they will not be asked again
  • If you add a new question after someone has registered, they will be prompted to answer it on their next registration
  • Answers are viewable on the customer page, as well as in people and registration export
  • To change the order of questions, just drag and drop

Text Box

A use case for this could look like "Where did you hear about us?". When ALLOW USER TO CUSTOMIZE ANSWER? is selected, your customers will have the option to select "Other" and type in their own response. 

Another suggestion, if you have explicit terms and conditions that you want your customers to acknowledge and you're not sure if it fits in your waiver, you could add it as a custom question! 

Text Field

Choose this option if you only require a single row of text. A use case we've seen could be "Emergency Contact Name" or if your studio offers classes for children, "Student/Participant Name"

Text Area

If you require a space for multiple rows of text. For example, maybe you want to gather insight on if a student has any injuries. You could choose Text Area to allow the student to type a list. 


By default, Union does require an email during the customers account creation. However, if you need to gather additional emails from them (i.e. emergency contact email), you can add this to your custom questions list. 


If you'd like to gather insight about where your customers are, you can have them choose the country they're in! 


A use case for adding a custom question that requires a date could be if you wanted gather birthday details. Here's what your customers would see:

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