Export your Members

If you'd like to pull a list of all of your members in Union, follow this easy path! 

People > All People > Click the drop down arrow next to Add Person and choose Export Users

The report will provide you with the following details:

  • When they joined your org
  • First/Last name
  • The role within your org (i.e. attendee, teacher, admin)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Total spend
  • How many orders
  • If they have a paid pass 
  • If they have a subscription (auto renew)
  • If they have a payment plan
  • Total livestream registrations & redeemed 
  • Total in-person registrations & redeemed
  • Total replay registrations & redeemed 
  • Their social media details 
  • Account notes
  • Life time value
  • If they have an approved VaxGuard, when their VaxGuard was approved at, who approved their VaxGuard, and when their last dose was received. 
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