Integrating with Pipedrive

Integrating with Pipedrive is a great option for you if you have higher-priced offerings (like trainings or workshops) that a prospective attendee would want to ask questions or have a conversation prior to purchasing.

Union Leads will record these activities, but integrating with Pipedrive will improve your ability to help leads sign up by:

  • Letting everyone on your team know previous discussions they've had with you
  • Track a Lead's status so you know if they want to have a conversation or are ready to pay
  • Forecast attendance and revenue for the leads interested

To start, first create an account on Pipedrive. Once that's done, click on your initials in the top-right, then 'Personal preferences'.

Click 'API' and then 'Copy' to copy the API token to your clipboard:

Then head to Union in Settings -> Edit, and paste in your API key, and select an Event Category:

Selecting the Event Category enables the leads to be captured -- now when someone views an Event in that Event Category, they'll see a new option in addition to registering:

When they fill out a form, similar to this one:

They will appear in your Leads under People -> Leads AND will be in Pipedrive:

In Union, you can customize the email receipt leads receive on submission in Settings -> Email.

When you've connected Pipedrive to your email, you can see who on your team has spoken with them, what they've discussed, and can move them through the process when they are ready to signup. Learn more about Pipedrive in Pipedrive Academy.

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