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When it comes to your marketing you want to create a fluid user experience that doesn't have your customers moving all over the place. That's where Widgets come in. By creating a widget you can add your class schedule to your website so that you can direct everyone to your website to learn more about your Org, check out your offerings, and register for an upcoming class.

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Widgets should inherit the existing styling on your site to show your upcoming events and let people learn more or register for them.

To get started, click Marketing > Widgets. Then choose Create Widget 

Let's begin by adding an appropriate name for your schedule. Give it a name that makes sense, like 'Schedule' or 'Workshops' to indicate where it's going to go or the type of widget.

Then select what format you'd like your widget to be in. You can choose Performance (specific classes) or Events (recommended if you're creating widgets for workshops or trainings). 

Then select the Event Categories of which upcoming events you want to include and click Apply

You have the option to show specific teachers if desired. Otherwise, you can leave this as All Teachers to include everyone's schedule in one place! 

If you have multiple locations in your org, you can create a widget for each location!

You can also filter your widget to show specific experience types! So if you'd like to showcase your online live events only, it's easy! 

Lastly, you can choose a color that fits with your brand! Simply click on the color swatch to type in your color code or choose on the map. 

Then Save your widget! 

Now, click the name of the widget you just saved (or click Edit). 

There's a Clipboard icon next to the embed code -- click that and then paste on your website where appropriate (or send to your web person, they'll know what to do). You can also preview what the widget will look like (but again, test on your site as it will inherit style options like link colors, etc that you've already defined):

If you would like a transparent background for your widget, please visit our support article here for further details. Let us know if you have any questions at

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