Pause Subscriptions


When viewing a specific member's details, the ability to pause a Subscription is available in the far right subscription menu.

If a future Resume date is provided, click the date selector to add. The date chosen is when the subscription will become active again. Providing a future resume date is optional. 

Subscription will be billed immediately if resumed more than 1 month after pause. You can choose to set a date to specify a different future billing date.

When a subscription is paused, future registrations outside the current billing period are canceled and the member is temporarily unable to register for performances or replays.


Whether a subscription is automatically resumed on a specific day, or manually resumed, the subscription's billing cycle is reset and the member is billed immediately (unless a chosen date was selected). 

If you did not choose a resume end date or your customer would like to remove their pause earlier than expected, you can manually change the status by clicking Resume

Currently, we cannot extend a pause end date if was was applied. If the customer needs to extend their paused subscription, we recommend a clean approach and cancel the subscription. 

Depending on the situation, you can attach a new subscription straight away (i.e. the customer knows when they will return and you can simply add the subscription as a trial period) or add a note to the customer's account when they are ready to begin their membership again. 

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