Edit, View or Upload Media with a Teacher Role

From your teacher dashboard, select Products and then click My Replays.

To View your Replay

As long as there were no major interruptions during the livestream, you should see your replay in Unpublished. Click the video image to quickly replay your class or select View Performance. 

Below the performance overview, you will be able to click play on the video screen player. Once reviewed, please connect with your studio admin to notify them that your replay has been updated and is ready to publish.

Editing your Media

Click Edit if you would like to update the name and description for your replay.

*Note: please connect with your studio admin if you have any questions about altering the event categories. Changing n event category could change the access your students have to this product.

Uploading a Replay or Audio File

Please be sure to connect with your studio admin for direction on what Event Category you will need to select.

From My Replays, click Upload Media (Products > My Replays).

You will then want to click Choose File to select the media file you are wishing to upload

While your media is being uploaded, you can start adding the details to define this replay for your students by adding a name and a description! Once your file has reached 100% completion, click Create. *Note: you must select a teacher & at least one Event Category to publish a video.

Once you click create, it will be moved to your pending folder (Products > My Replays > Pending). Please be sure to connect with your admin team to notify them that your content has been updated so they can publish.

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