Pass Name Doesn’t Auto-Populate in Segment Builder

As soon as you create a pass or subscription in Union, it’s a good strategy to go straight to and build a segment for it. Odds are at some point you’re going to need to send those specific clients an email. But what happens if when you’re building your segment you don’t see the name of the pass or subscription pop-up? Have no fear, we’ve got an easy fix!

Start building your segment as you would regularly build your segment.

When you get to the part where you add the name of the pass or subscription under “value” simply go to your Union page and copy the name of the pass/subscription EXACTLY as it is written and paste it into that box.

Then save your segment.

The reason your pass/subscription name didn’t auto-populate was because it most likely doesn’t have any clients who have purchased the pass. However, by setting your segment up before anyone has purchased, you’ll be ready to build and send a campaign to that segment when the first purchase is made.

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