Create a Course on Union

Union is working on adding Courses to the Union software. Keep an eye on your Union Updates (bell icon in the gradient menu bar) for when it's released!

Each studio or creator have different ways they want to offer a course, training, or workshop. Here are a few use cases that we've seen on Union. The suggested ways below are for live courses. If you're wanting assistance on how to create a course/bundle for your replay library, please visit our video tutorial here

Building A Course with Live Classes & Replays

When building your event, click Training or Workshop Series. 

Add your live class schedule and then add in a schedule that will hold your replays. For the schedule that will be housing the replays, select "Livestream Only". 

Be sure to use the downloads feature in the event builder that will include any documents they may need for the training/course. If you have a form, further instructions or actions (i.e. course material) that you may want your students to have before starting the course, you can add it in the section Additional Email Text. 

You will then want to schedule your replays to the class schedule you added. This can be done up front, or as the replays are added. If you would prefer not to have your replays scheduled as a livestream, you could instead schedule the replay so it's available to the public at a specific date/time. 

Union &

Union currently integrates with as an option for email marketing. We've seen Union organizations use as a tool to help accommodate touch points with those who are registered. By default, Union creates sync segments with the passes/subscriptions/tickets that you create. These are called Active Passholders, Active Subscribers, or Active Ticketholders. By using these, you can target your customers who are registered directly!

Once your pass type(s) are created in Union, you can jump over to your account. Visit Campaigns to Create Campaign. Follow the prompts to Create Campaign. *Depending on your course outline, you may not need to have your event created to get started. You will need at least one pass type to begin creating your campaign for 

For the tigger, select When a person moves in or out of a segment. Then choose the automated segment for the pass(es) that need these notifications and click the check mark when you're done. 

Choose a goal if one applies. Then choose Save & Next

Next, you'll create the experience ( Workflow) you want for your customers. 

Union & Google Classroom

While Union is great for offering regular classes and workshops, it can also be used for selling courses and teacher trainings. When these courses include assignments and resources and you want to track things in one place instead of over email, you will likely benefit from using Google Classroom. To learn more about how to get this started, visit our support article Union and Google Classroom

For any additional support or questions, please reach out to 

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