Purchase for a Friend with the Register

If you have enabled Union's Gift Option at Checkout feature, your customers can purchase a pass for their friend. This sends them a pass so they can choose what to register for. However, if your client and friend is in your physical location, you can do this in the register.

You can quickly search to see if your customers friend is already a member in your org or create a new account.  *Note: if you're coming from Union's Express Add Attendee, the first three step's below should already be locked in for you! 

If they're registering for a specific class, click to choose their desired class. 

Then, click the passes tab to either search or scroll and cart the desired pass. 

If your customer who is purchasing on behalf of is using a credit card, simply click Card > Manual to type in the card details. Below, DESELECT, Save card for future use (dip card). By default, this is automatically selected. Deselecting this, it will NOT save the customers card to their friends account. Instead, when the friend returns, they will need to provide their credit card to complete their purchase. 

Add any notes and choose whether you would like to send a confirmation email. Then click Checkout 

Pro-Tip: Clicking on the order number will open the customer's receipt. This is helpful if you need to make any adjustments to the customer's pass, member account, or jump to the performance to continue your checkin process. Simply click on the bolded objects to edit! 

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