101–Everything You Need To Know

Now that you've integrated with you have a lot of power in your hands. From weekly newsletters to drip campaigns that start without you having to do anything. But to use this power, you'll need to understand all the amazing tools that are inside of and how to implement them. You should have received some onboarding emails to help get you started but those same tutorials are listed here. Get started reaching your customers and growing your Org with 

It all starts with your DNS records. Learn how to get these set up so you can start sending emails.

A full breakdown of the platform in less than 20-minutes.

Get started with your first newsletter– aka a Broadcast.

Have an old newsletter list? Learn how to upload it the correct way!

The reason you're here. Get started on building a drip campaign.

Goals allow you to track your conversion rate and remove people from campaigns. 

Speak to those who are leaving and offer them another option to stay in the community.

Market to past students who haven't been in class for a while.

Get new newsletter sign-ups with this handy trick!

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