Revenue Settlement via Stripe

Union currently utilizes Stripe to process payments, refunds, and charge video usage fees.

Union Side

Union's Orders report (Reports -> Sales -> Orders) provides insight into three types of transactions over a given time period in your org's time zone:

  • Orders: any non-free pass, subscription, payment plan order

  • Refunds: returned funds, sometimes directly tied to passes, subscriptions or payment plans

  • Transfers: miscellaneous transactions between your org and Union, usually Video Usage fees

Transactions are displayed in the Orders report immediately (without delay).

Specific transaction details (including a more specific breakdown of fees) can be found by emailing yourself an export of the Orders report.

Stripe Side

In most cases, Union has set your Stripe Payout Schedule to every 2 business days which is the fastest option. This means "... payments received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday, and payments received on a Friday are paid out by Tuesday."

Prior to being paid by Stripe, your org's Stripe balance is viewable from Union by visiting Settings -> Payments -> Stripe Account

The time of day Stripe finalizes this balance and initiates the next payout can unfortunately vary and is dependent on potentially more than a few factors including suspected fraud, chargebacks, larger refunds, and bank holidays.

In most cases, your Stripe balance is finalized at midnight UTC.

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