Setting Up Your Account

You’ve just been invited to, now what? Well, friend, the world is at your fingertips. That is, after a couple of quick steps to finish setting up your account.

Setting Up Your Domain

Now that you’re into your account you’ll need to add your domain and set up the emails that will be sending all your newsletters. Go to Settings > Workspace Settings > Email.

From here you’ll add your domain name.

Then you’ll choose the email address you want the emails to be coming from. In most cases this an Info or Support address.

Verify Your Domain

Here is the most important part of your setup. This step proves to that you own the domain that you’re using and it’s not spam. For almost all email marketing software you’ll be required to do this step. It’s important because you will NOT be allowed to send an email until this step is complete. (You can continue to build our your emails, they just won’t go out).

Select Verify domain where you’ll be given 4 different records you’ll need to add to your website host provider.

For this example, we’re updating the DNS records through Godaddy. You’ll go to your Godaddy account and select your domain. Scroll down to Additional Settings where you’ll find manage DNS. Click on that.

In the bottom right-hand corner click add.

This is where we’ll add the first of four records.

For each record, you’ll need to choose the type that matches with what it’s labeled in There are 2 MX records and 2 TXT records.

We’ll start with the MX records. Copy and paste the host value from into the host box on GoDaddy. Repeat with Value into Points to and 10 as the priority. Repeat these steps for your second MX record.

*** TIP: In the case of GoDaddy, they already add your URL to the Host and Points to This means that “” should be deleted from these fields so that they don’t repeat. IF you are using a different host provider and the first attempt at verifying your records doesn’t work. You can try removing the period and URL from these fields and resave your records. Remember to give your records 72-hours to process before trying to update them.

Now for the TXT records.

Click add in GoDaddy and choose TXT as the type. Copy Host name from and paste it into the Host field in GoDaddy. Then copy “Value” from and paste it into the TXT Value field of GoDaddy. Hit save and repeat with the second TXT record.

***TIP: The same tip above applies to TXT records.

Once your records have verified (Can take up to 72-hours for them to register) you’ll see a green badge next to your domain letting you know it’s been verified. If the badge stays red after 72-hours go back to your DNS records and make sure that you pasted everything correctly. You can also try the tip above and see if the domain was duplicated in your records.

If you’re still having issues with verifying your domain, it’s best to reach out to your host provider directly. They’ll have more knowledge about DNS records for that specific platform.

Guide to DNS Records

There are plenty of hosts out there but these are the ones that we’ve seen used most often. If you need more information on locating or updating your DNS records you can review these articles from your specific host provider.






***If you don’t see that your DNS records have been verified within 72-hours of updating your DNS records, reach out to your host provider to figure out the next steps

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